The top 7 donations per ETH address will receive huge rewards:

1st - 250.000.000 0GEN
2nd - 150.000.000 0GEN
3rd - 100.000.000 0GEN
4th - 50.000.000 0GEN
5th - 25.000.000 0GEN
6th - 10.000.000 0GEN
7th - 5.000.000 0GEN


There is no raffle because the highest donator will win!
Donations will close Thurday 21th December 23:59 UTC!
Donations received after this time will not count for the Top 7!
As long as donation come from the same ETH address they will be combined.

So if you make 2 donations 1 for 1.5 ETH and the other 2.2 then this will count as one donation off 3.7 ETH! Please sent your ETH donations to:



Every 0.25 ETH donation or more will be rewarded with 2.500.000 0GEN. You can sent tokens as well but only ETH will count! Sent at least 0.25 ETH!